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Green Cleaning Service. We use non-toxic green products and tools for health in your interior environment and for the island of Maui.

What is green cleaning?

Cleaning to protect health without harming the environment. We accomplish this using non-toxic yet effective cleaners and tools such as HEPA filters in vacuums and microfiber cloths to clean, sanitize and polish your home to a glowing Aloha Sparkle.

Why green cleaning?

Evidence shows that what we put in our home, and what we use to clean our home, is just as important as what we put inside our body. In fact, the products that we use within our homes enter into our bodies via the air we breathe, through our skin, and through the water we drink.

Benefits of green cleaning

The quality of indoor air is so important in every home. Once the indoor air is compromised, it may cause coughing, asthma and other long-term effects to your health.

Toxic cleaners are among the major causes of poor indoor air quality because the fumes can circulate in your system for a day or even days before your air is completely free from these fumes.

Outdoors, toxic waste goes into the air, land, waterways and the ocean. Let’s all work to keep the beautiful island of Maui healthy and vibrant.

100% Green or Green
and conventional

Our flexible green cleaning services take your preferences into account. Aloha Clean can use all green cleaning products. Or we can use a combination of diluted less-toxic conventional cleaners and 100% green house cleaners. It’s your home, your environment. We will use products that satisfy your preferences and specifications.


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